Legal notice

Protection of rights

The subject of this notice is software with the commercial name eFollowr and its corporate website. The program eFollowr is manufactured by Information Technology Centre Ltd, Trg Leona Ċ tuklja 5, 2000 Maribor (hereinafter: IT-Center Ltd.). The software solution is copyright protected under R - 138/14 and is owned by the IT Centre Ltd. (Copyright IT-Center, Ltd., Maribor). Its reproduction and distribution for commercial purposes which includes taking, copying, rental, distribution, publishing in public, public presentation and display without the express written permission of the IT-Center Ltd., is not permitted.

The software consists of eFollowr's web-based platform for creating, sending messages, offers or coupons and mobile application for the immediate receipt of information on all kinds of smart phones.

Legal notice

The Company IT-Center Ltd reserves every right to change the content of the software eFollowr and the contents published on the website The Company IT-Center Ltd. can alter any content at any time, without obligation to notify users, and is not liable for consequences caused by changes. The company will be responsible for the proper functioning program and that the information on the pages are accurate and up to data. The software eFollowr and its published content on the website users are used by customers at their own risk.

The web pages and mobile application eFollowr publishes links from websites of other companies / organizations. Over the contents on this site IT-Center Ltd. has no control, therefore assumes no responsibility.

Data protection

All personal data of users of the software eFollowr, provided by users on the cloud server will be used exclusively for the purpose for which they were transmitted. Your personal data will be used when IT-Center Ltd. will send important information about the program or service that IT-Center Ltd. clients are using, including emergency notifications. IT-Center Ltd. guarantees that data will not be surrendered into the hands of a third party or abused in any way. The company will use all information at its disposal, in accordance with Slovenian legislation in force.

Limitation of Our Liability

IT-Center Ltd. will not be in any case responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, economic or consequential loss arising from the use or improper use of the software eFollowr and its information, even if the possibility of such damages exists.